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Hello! Welcome to my website. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Hitchin and London and I enjoy adventures working all over the UK. I’m a happy, creative soul making beautiful, thoughtful images that tell your story. I’m in love with the little things in life that make up the big picture. For me it’s all about the love and the light.When photographing your wedding or portrait session  I love to capture moments, emotions and atmospheres – memories are so important to me and it’s this that I love about being a photographer. The thought of the images being looked at and held over and over as the years go on is a huge honour.  Looking back, remembering and recalling the feelings you felt on the day it was taken, amazing.


Things I adore:

Music, drawing, NW5, Oh Comely magazine, Kings Cross – my gateway to London the city that makes my heart sing, holding hands, strong black coffee, burying myself in a book with a good plot, painted nails….old photographs, Flight of the Conchords, dancing my socks off, independents cinemas : favourite films? indie art house ones, studio Ghibli, Wes Anderson ….. I also love holidays in Cornwall, Mad Men, my grey converse trainers, BBC6 Music,  hot baths, local history and imagining the past, Autumn, long country walks, charity shops and markets, new notebooks and pens, tea in a tea cup, our little cottage that we call home. That feeling when I look at the back of my camera and I know captured an image exactly the way I wanted to…