About Me

Hello! I’m Alexa!

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I can’t wait to meet you 🙂

What you will find in me –  a happy, creative soul making beautiful, thoughtful images.  A wedding and family photographer based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire. Photography takes me on lots of adventures – I love shooting across Hertfordshire, London, the South East and sometimes all over the UK and beyond…let’s talk about your plans!

The thought of your images being looked at and held over and over as your life goes on is so special. Looking back, remembering and recalling the feelings you felt on the day it was taken? Flippin’ amazing.

Why are weddings  awesome to photograph?  People.  It’s all about the people, those who share your lives and are there that day for you.  Connection.  The way you take the pieces of tradition that mean the most to you, and use them to make your wedding day suit you.

The getting ready bit, always so much anticipation. The first time you see each other on the day.  Grandparents. Hugs after everyone exits the ceremony. Confetti is fun!  Littlies – always fun to get down and see the world at their level. Dancing. The in-between moments and those things that make your wedding yours.  Surprises.

Why do I adore photographing families? It’s the little things – the in between moments that would usually get lost amongst posed portraiture.  A series of images telling the story of a morning or afternoon can say so much more when you look back at the images when they are grown.

Children have the most wonderful energy and curiosity, looking at the world in a different way – I am genuinely inspired to spend time with them, listen to them, get down to their level and have some fun!


A bit more about me?  I’m story-telling, tea-loving lady and capture images with my camera and my heart.  My approach is friendly, natural and unassuming – the love, the light and those heart goes boom moments.  A London lover, Cornwall obsessive, happiest with a cuppa in hand and old converse on my feet.

My coffee? Black. On my radio? A spotify playlist playlist these days, with indie/folk vibes – my guilty pleasure is listening to the Archers.  Good wine with good friends? Yes please but dinner too these days – in Kings Cross, my fave.

Colours, shapes and textures lead my eye, feelings and atmosphere lead my heart – collecting small treasures, old books and inspiration? Always. Running after a small toddler? I’m good at that – my boy is called Sebastian and I am enthralled watching him grow and explore the world – I guess he will be my lifelong photographic inspiration. Cornwall dreamer? Uh huh. Take me there right now, St Ives is in my heart.

Nostalgia – photographs are a powerful thing. Mad Men? Watched the whole thing, twice – this clip from Don Draper, it sums it all up for me. They let “us travel the way a child travels, around and around and back home again to a place where we know we are loved.”

Now enough about me! Tell me about you! 


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